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“My most satisfying aspect of animal training is a very simple moment. After a show when I leave the stage door... and there is a crowd gathered, sometimes I hear someone say the following and it makes it all worthwhile. "How did they make that dog do that?" I smile because I am the only "they" and I do it with love.”

~ William Berloni, dog trainer, about transforming a severely abused dog from the pound into Sandy in the Broadway production of Annie.


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Dogs Of A Good Society is working hard on a number of initiatives. Currently, we have the following initiatives available:

Foster-Save A Life

Do you have a loving home to share with an animal in need? If so, please consider fostering. When you foster, you will take a homeless animal into your home and give it the love, care, and attention that it needs. This act of kindness can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

Help save a life by applying to foster with rescues today! The rescues will take care of the details. All you have to do is provide a loving home. D.O.G.S. will connect you with a rescue. If you are interested in fostering, please contact us today @ to get started.

Spencer's Scholarship

Spencer's Photo, courtesy of Cynthia Samels PhotographySpencer's Story

At less than a year old, Spencer came into rescue after running loose for a month. Terrified of people, he had to learn the most basic behaviors in his foster home, like using stairs or walking on a leash. Spencer, a handsome Doberman, was soon adopted, but quickly returned. A second family adopted him, but returned him eight months later because of barking. The adoptive family had placed a shock collar on him and burned him to the skin, leaving permanent scars.

When he was returned this time, his foster family needed to teach Spencer to overcome fearful behaviors created from aversive training and a lack of stability. Luckily, his next—and final—adoptive home was committed to continuing to help Spencer build a rich, full life. Today, Spencer happily shares a home with his family, who describes him as “perfect,” and travels extensively during outings and on the family boat.

The Spencer Scholarship was created to ensure that more dogs in rescue receive the support they need to find loving, permanent families. It is a very personal scholarship created for dogs in need of compassionate trainers and to assist the dedicated people working in rescue.


The Spencer Scholarship program has been developed through a partnership between local trainers and D.O.G.S. (Dogs of a Good Society) to provide support for dog rescue groups with limited training resources. Our intent is to assist the rescue community in improving animal welfare by providing high-quality, humane training using methods that have the lowest likelihood of causing secondary behavioral issues. We will do this through partner trainers who use techniques intended to improve the dog’s likelihood of permanent placement into loving homes and improve their overall well-being.

The Spencer Scholarship program has been created to ensure that:

1. Dogs in rescue will have access to high quality, humane training and, as a result, will be more adoptable, and

2. Fosters and others in rescue will have access to humane training methods that may not be currently available to them.


D.O.G.S.'s Spencer Scholarship Criteria

  • Must be a dog in rescue or shelter experiencing training challenges or concerns.

Trainer Statement

All trainers working through the Spencer Scholarship program have made a commitment to working exclusively with positive methods, meaning they will not use any tool or technique that is designed to be aversive and/or cause the dog intimidation, distrust, stress, anxiety, fear, or pain . They are experienced trainers who are knowledgeable about current training techniques and have a demonstrated commitment to working with rescues.

Trainers with the Spencer Scholarship Partnership

The below is a list of approved positive trainers we partner with through the Spencer Scholarship Initiative

Allison Lamminen Dog Training

Best Behavior Dog Training

Giffy Dog

Love Unleashed Dog Training and Pet Care

Paws Abilities Dog Training

If you are interested in training assistance and qualify for this scholarship, please apply by completing the SPENCER SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM for your rescue dog.

Are you a Trainer?

Interested in becoming a partnered positive trainer with us? Please apply by completing the SPENCER SCHOLARSHIP TRAINER FORM.

Prongs to Harness Program

In conjuntion with our Spencer Scholarship, we are proud to offer Freedom Harnesses to replace Prongs to our rescue partners. This great resource is made possible to you by our very own Spencer Scholarship Trainers, Cheryl and Allison who spearheaded this initiative. If you would like to learn more about the program visit their starting page: Prongs to Harness

If you would like to donate and support this program please, click on the Paypal below or contact us today! We can't do it without you!

Spencer Scholarship Legacy Fund

The Spencer Scholarship Legacy Fund was created in memory of Lily, a Twin Cities Pet Rescue alumna. Though Lily is no longer living, her legacy continues to shine in the form of donated training sessions benefiting other rescue dogs. Through the Legacy Fund, animal lovers are able to make a donation in memory or honor of a beloved companion animal, friend, or family member towards training sessions for a foster dog in need.

Lily's Photo, courtesy of Cynthia Samels PhotographyLily's Story

Lily was rescued from the Rosebud Indian Reservation by Twin Cities Pet Rescue in January 2016. She was just one year old. Lily immediately stole the hearts of her foster home – so much so that she never left. After adopting her, Lily's humans enrolled her in a training class to build her confidence and socialization skills, where Lily was finally learning to enjoy life and play with members of her new family. Unfortunately, Lily's time with her family was cut short as a result of lymphoma.

Upon her passing, Lily's family donated the remaining training sessions with the intention of having Lily's legacy live on through providing high-quality training to other rescue dogs.

If you would like to make a donation to the Spencer Scholarship Legacy Fund, please download and complete the LEGACY FUND SUBMISSION FORM. Mail it, along with a check for your donation amount to:

Dogs of a Good Society, 5001 Edinbrook Terrace, P.O. Box 431297, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443

If you would like to donate and support this program please, click on the Paypal below or contact us today! We can't do it without you!

  • Contact us directly at
  • Click the button below to donate via Paypal

    At the time your donation is used, you will be notified of the dog you are sponsoring with a photo and a personal story. 

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